Sedona Engagement Shoot

So you want to do your engagement photos in Sedona? Look no further! I have all the info about locations, restaurants and places to stay to make your engagement shoot more than just a couple hours of adventure. Turn this into a whole weekend adventure!

First up, you're going to want to pick a photographer. Lucky for you, found her! Hi, my name is Brittney and I will be your photographer for this adventure engagement shoot. I will be walking you through how I work with couples to find and plan the perfect engagement shoot.

Next up you will want to pick a location or multiple locations. This depends on the season, and if I'm being honest there is never a bad time to be in Sedona.

January-February: If we're lucky, we will get to witness Snowdona. Seeing those red, snow-capped mountain tops is something so beautiful, you have to see it in person.

March-May: Is the busiest season, but still very beautiful. Also the perfect time to do outdoor adventures. Hiking, off-roading (pink jeep tours), and hot air balloons.

June-September: Hottest time in Sedona, but the best time to hang out in all of the swimming pools and streams outside of downtown. You might even get caught in a quick monsoon, which is full of beauty within itself!

October-December: If you are looking for fall colors in Arizona, Sedona has them! Leaves changing from green to yellow, red and orange, it's the perfect backdrop for those perfect photos you deserve.

Now let's talk about location!

One of my favorite spots is featured above, Slick rock it's a quick little walk down to a top flat rock where you have the beautiful backdrop of Cathedral rock. It's not crowded on off season and week days which is the perfect spot for a private engagement session, also a perfect location for sunrise or sunset!

Next up is Bell Rock! This locations has multiple trails, which gives us multiple views of Bell rock and the surrounding areas. This location is a little bit more populated, but the best time would be during the week and off season!

Next up... Food!!

My favorite donut shop, Sedonuts! They are so fresh and sell out quick, so I recommended getting a few in the morning that way you have them for breakfast for the rest of your trip.

Lunch at Shorebird during the spring or summer request to sit outside on the deck, also dog friendly! They have great happy hour and great dishes, also the view is pretty amazing.

Place to rest your head!

After a day of exploring, eating, and doing your engagement photos I recommend staying at Sedona Soul Shack! They have two locations The Shack and The Nest both have incredible views and jacuzzi, where you can enjoy a local wine and relax before you head home.

My goal as your photographer is for your engagement shoot becomes an incredible experience, and that starts with you enjoy and feeling comfortable in the environment. I want your engagement shoot to become an experience and every time you look at these photos you remember the great trip you two had right before your wedding!