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I’m Brittney! Arizona based elopement & wedding photographer

I pick up my camera to find the beauty in the simplest moments

Hey! I’m Brittney a San Diego girl living in Arizona
I’m a chocolate-chip cookie addict, adventure fanatic, camping junkie & hat collector.
I love seeing people in love which makes it way more fun to capture that through my lens. I want to make every photography session an experience, I want my clients to leave knowing that when they see these photos they can remember everything from that day.
The smells, location, conversion, the way they felt when their hands touch each other.


Fact 1

I have two golden retrievers. If I could I would adopt as many dogs as I could.


Fact 2

I love camping! The feeling of packing up and arriving to your spot is one of my happiest feelings.


Fact 3

I have the biggest sweet tooth.


Fact 4

I always bring a cooler and snacks to engagement shoots!